Carolina Annual Fund -
Carolina Bell Ringers Draft Honor Roll
2012 Carolina Bell Ringers Honor Roll Draft

Alumni, students, parents and friends of Carolina who have renewed their gift this academic year as of June 6, 2012, are included in the 2012 Bell Ringers Honor Roll Draft.

Click the first letter of your last name below and scroll down to find your name on the list. If any changes or corrections are necessary, contact Rebecca Bramlett, Director of Annual Giving, at or 919-962-4388.

Thanks to everyone who renewed their gift this academic year (July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2012). The complete Bell Ringers 2012 Honor Roll will be posted in August.


Frank Caballero
Jo Ann Brown Cabaniss
Scott Esley Cabaniss
Stephen Emory Cabaniss
James Stockton Cabe
Anne M. Cabell
Jennifer Lynn Cable
J. Pablo Caceres
Michelle Cannella Caceres
Victor Marcial Caceres
Joyce Hellekson Caddell
Kyle Darren Caddell
Robin Sharp Caddell
Thomas McIntyre Caddell
Nancy Nelson Caddy
Richard Earl Caddy, Jr.
Gabriel T. Cade
J. Neal Cadieu, Jr.
Joanne Webb Cadieu
Kendall Suzanne Cadwell
Gordon Eugene Cadwgan, Jr.
Darren Michael Cady
Michele Walton Cady
Brenda Behringer Cage
Dorothy Lynn Cage
J. Kevin Cage
Timothy S. Cage
Pamela Hall Cagle
Daniel Gerald Cahill
Dennis Cahill
Elizabeth Cahill
Nena Jones Cahill
William Philip Cahill
Melanie Spencer Cahoon
Thomas Wahab Cahoon, Sr.
Jianwen Cai
Copeland Wheless Cain
Jane Dimmock Cain
Janet Marie Cain
Laurie Elmore Cain
Mark Thomas Cain
Nicholas Eli Cain
Sandra Gill Cain
Michael S. Caines
Stephen Michael Caiola
Charles Bennett Cairns
John Bradley Cake
Julie Stafford Cake
Dana Keef Calabrese
Matthew Michael Calabria
Molly Stapleton Calabria
John Kevin Calder
Tracy Schaefer Calder
Maria Calderon
Thomas Leo Caldroney II
Virginia Kirkland Caldroney
Alan Lorenzo Caldwell
Ellen Christensen Caldwell
Eric Anthony Caldwell
Evelyn L. Caldwell
J. George Caldwell III
J. Hardwick Caldwell
James Elam Caldwell, Jr.
Jermaine Landon Caldwell +
John Wilson Caldwell III
Kathleen Howard Caldwell
L. Hardwick Caldwell III
Lisa Jeffries Caldwell
Martha Belle Caldwell
Martha Gunter Caldwell
Mary Long Caldwell
Mary Pelon Caldwell
Nancy Rieman Caldwell
Paul Willis Caldwell, Jr.
Phillip Elwood Caldwell
Wayne Troy Caldwell
William Michael Caldwell
Kathryn Frances Calhoon
Allison Darwin Calhoun
Doris S. Calhoun
Eric Richardson Calhoun
Karen H. Calhoun
Frank Cali
Gisele Cali
Muge Gucsavas Calikoglu
Douglas W. Call
John Philip Call
John Joseph Callahan III
Leigh Fleming Callahan
Matthew Clayton Callahan
Michael Patrick Callahan
Shirley Elizabeth Callahan
John Garling Callan
G. Hadley Callaway
Joan McLean Callaway
Elizabeth Callen
Joseph Handel Callicott, Jr.
Phyllis Ferguson Callicott
Sara Wooden Callow
Clifton Perry Calloway, Jr.
Crystal Nicole Calloway
Donald Ray Calloway
J. Matthew Calloway
William Ray Calloway
Alan Spencer Cameron
Ann Stephenson Cameron
Annie Mae Cameron
Beulah B. Cameron
Chris Cameron
Donald Cameron
Everett Paul Cameron
Harold Harrington Cameron
James Phillip Cameron
John Burton Cameron, Jr.
Karen Culbreth Cameron
Kenneth Ray Cameron
Marcia Parmely Cameron
Mary Elizabeth Cameron
Mary Trimble Cameron
Melanie Sykes Cameron
Tara Warrick Cameron
Thomas Hartley Cameron
Timothy Wayne Cameron
Traute Cameron
William Henderson Cameron II
Erica Lynn Camp
Jo Ann Skeen Camp
Joe Henderson Camp
Lewis Forman Camp III
Pam Camp
William O. Camp, Jr.
Kate K. Campau
Alexandra E. Campbell
Alice Woodworth Campbell
Alla Traber Campbell
Angela Lea Campbell
Ann Long Campbell
Anne Sherrill Campbell
Ashley Huffstetler Campbell
Barbara Jean Campbell
Brenda Lee Campbell
Charles Campbell
Christopher Zemp Campbell
Clay Anders Campbell
David Wayne Campbell
Elizabeth Campbell
Elizabeth Hartwell Campbell
Elizabeth Morey Campbell
Gary Campbell
Glenn Carsten Campbell
Grant Liles Campbell
Henry Eugene Campbell
Joan King Campbell
John Campbell
John Kerr Campbell
John McCallum Campbell
Kevin Philip Campbell
Kristen Lee Campbell
Linda Louise Campbell
Lori S. Campbell
M. Donald Campbell
Margaret Ferriter Campbell
Martha Ellen Campbell
Marvin Albin Campbell
Mary Gill Campbell
Mary Kathryn Campbell
Raleigh Campbell
Ralph Richard Campbell
Rebecca Hedrick Campbell
Rich Campbell, Jr.
Robert Frederick Campbell
Robert Marshall Campbell
Russell Neil Campbell
Sue Catherine Campbell
Susan Elizabeth Campbell
T. Scott Campbell
Tamara Rorrie Campbell
Tracey Willis Campbell
William Bernard Campbell
Sidney Sawyer Campen, Jr.
Georgia Brewer Campion
Margaret Campion
Kristen Stott Camplin
Andrew Britten Canady
Erika Williams Canady
Gwendolyn Allen Canady
Mary Wideburg Canady
William John Canata, Jr.
Jon Candelaria
Carol Candler
Christopher J. Canfield
Gloria Huang Cangahuala
Christopher Richard Canipe
Courtenay Williams Cann
Katherine Davis Cann
Marvin Leigh Cann
Angela Ledford Cannady
Allan Rountree Cannon
Clarence Ray Cannon
Diane Blanton Cannon
E. Bedford Cannon
Elizabeth McElwee Cannon
Gary McKinley Cannon
Jeannette Cannon
Katharine Warren Cannon
Kathleen Weaver Cannon
Lee Armfield Cannon
Robert L. Cannon
Thomas Richard Cannon
Thomas Roberts Cannon
William Barker Cannon
Peter Alan Canovai
Clarence W. Canrobert, Jr.
Charles Lee Cansler
David Clay Cansler
Dorothy Phillips Cansler
Richard Lee Cansler
F. Scott Canterberry
Paul Teige Cantey
Kimberley Canton Kane
Eve Fogleman Cantral
Robert S. Cantwell
Teresa Head Cantwell
Jun Cao
Songsong Cao
Amelia Ann Capalbo
Christopher Blair Capel
Gail Marie Capel
Nicole Huntley Capel
Carey McGinnis Capell
John Henry Capell
W. Gaston Caperton III
Leon J. Capetanos
Daniel Jonathan Caplan
David Alan Caplan
David Brian Caplan
Diana Berez Caplow
Michael Caplow
Sarah Bryant Capobianco
M. Paul Capp
Robert Francis Cappel, Jr.
Gilbert Maurice Capps, Sr.
Jan Rowe Capps
Ralph Edwards Capps
Shane Keith Capps
Stephen Allen Capps
Thomas Edward Capps
Timothy M. Capps
Alexander Charles Car
Kim Serden Caraganis
Jennifer Carbrey
Rex Brown Card
JoAnn Foust Cardarella
Barbara Ann Johe Cardenas
Virginia L. Cardenas
Dana Backlund Cardin
Helen Andrea Cardman
Lawrence Cardman
Kelley Cardone
Kate Cardoza
Rozana Carducci
Timothy Stephen Carey
Robert Thomas Cargo
Cathy Bigelow Carinder
Brian Stewart Carl
Linda Carl
Philip Louis Carl
Daniel Bruce Carleton
Patricia Ann Carleton
Roberta Gordon Carlisle
Sam Quinley Carlisle II
Bonnie Wilson Carlson
Craig Warren Carlson
Desiree A. Carlson
Eugene L. Carlson
John Carlson
Regina Carlson
Martha Ann Carlson-Bradley
Kerstin A. Carlson Le Floch
Gary Eldon Carlton
J. Garland Carlton, Jr.
Lindsay Brooke Carlton
Patrick William Carlton
W. Edward Carlton
Barbara D. Carman
Danielle Marie Carman
Edward Caton Carman, Jr.
Joseph Brian Carman
Nicole Rowland Carman
Anne Parsons Carmichael *
Imogene Carter Carmichael
John Hemstreet Carmichael
Judith Mahan Carmichael
Linda Sue Anne Carmichael
Lisa Marie Carmichael
Leo Joseph Carmody, Jr.
Robert Lathrop Carmody
Stephen Carnahan
James Patrick Carnes
Linda Flowers Carnes-McNaughton
Bruce W. Carney
Stephanie Marie Carowan
Andrea Lynn Carpenter
Bill Carpenter
Carl Lee Carpenter, Jr.
Charles Francis Carpenter
Christopher A. Carpenter, Sr.
Christopher Alan Carpenter
Deborah Jane Carpenter
Erin Watts Carpenter
Gerald Edwin Carpenter
Heidi Athanas Carpenter
Henry T. Carpenter
James Franklin Carpenter
Jamison Mark Carpenter
Jared Evan Carpenter
Jennifer C. Carpenter
Justin Tyler Carpenter
Patricia Anderson Carpenter
Robert Carpenter
A. Branch Carr III
Almon Franklin Carr
Beauchamp Coppedge Carr
Betsy Steele Carr
Caroline Vinson Carr
Charles Albert Carr, Jr.
David Carr
Dawson Verdery Carr
Denise Elium Carr
Elizabeth Margaret Carr
G. Paul Carr, Jr.
Geo. Watts Carr III
Janet Potter Carr
Jean E. Carr
Marcus Eugene Carr, Jr.
Margaret Hammond Carr
Mark Carr
Mary Ann Carr
Maxine Ershler Carr
Thomas Dacey Carr
Amy J. Carr-Demurjian
Charles Edward Carreras
Gregory Jose Carrero
Danielle Mercatante Carrick
Evelyn G. Carrick
Kevin Leon Carrick
Stephanie Leigh Carrier
Mary Van Ostenberg Carrigan
Mary Sloop Carriker
Michael Anderson Carriker
Phillip Duane Carriker
Laura Banner Carringer
Natalie Gwen Carrington
Aliza Lorraine Carrino
Maribel Carrion
Chris McNeill Carroll
Constance Lee Carroll
David Milton Carroll
Ervin McKay Carroll, Jr.
Evan Edward Carroll
F. Ivy Carroll
Kristopher Wayne Carroll
Margaret Devers Carroll
Martha Elizabeth Carroll
Mary Carroll
Nancy Harris Carroll
Peggy Gibson Carroll
Perry Thomas Carroll
Ronald Jackie Carroll
Susan Roach Carroll
Theresa Knott Carroll
Thomas Frederick Carroll, Jr.
William Singleton Carroll
Thomas N. Carruthers
Avery Emison Carson
Bob Carson +
Cynthia Caffey Carson
George Carson II
Jenifer Haas Carson
Marian Green Carson
Mildred Carson
Paula Lynn Carson
Rebecca Ann Carson
Susan Keith-Lucas Carson
Thomas L. Carson
William Taylor Carson
Catherine Pharr Carstarphen
Joseph M. Carstarphen III
Lisa Ross Carstarphen
Sarah Horton Carstens-Wickham
Lori K. Carswell
Robert Lewis Carswell
Stephen Ray Carswell
Susan Carswell
Anna Stotts Carter
Caroline Elizabeth Carter
Carolyn Howard Carter
Cathy J. Carter
Charles Samuel Carter
Charles Williams Carter, Jr.
Constance Carter
Craig Robert Carter
Crimora Thrift Carter
Deborah Stengel Carter
Dennis Craig Carter
Donald Kermit Carter
E. Beale Carter, Jr.
Frank Guerrant Carter, Jr.
J. Kenneth Carter
James C. Carter II
Jean Whitmore Carter
Jerry Maurice Carter
John Tilton Carter, Jr.
K. Lee Carter, Jr.
L. Chandler Carter II
Leigh-Anne Gaffney Carter
Margaret Froneberger Carter
Marilyn Carter
Michael Louis Carter
Oliver Carter III
Patricia Derian Carter
Rebecca T. Carter
Robert Morgan Carter
Robert Wilson Carter
Roger Dean Carter
Susan Swindell Carter
Valerie Knox Carter
W. Hodding Carter III
Wilbur Brooks Carter, Jr.
William B. Carter
Matthew Charles Cartrette
Pamela Duncan Cartrette
James Woodrow Cartwright
John Walter Cartwright, Jr.
Phoebe McNeer Cartwright
Steven Lee Cartwright
Susan Pursley Cartwright
Marc Caruana
Lane Stadler Caruso
Michela Caruso
Carmen Caruth
Juan Fernandez Carvajal
Suzanne Green Carvajal
Charles Brooks Carver
David Dewayne Carver
Deborah W. Carver
Eugene Venable Carver
Gilmer Theodore Carver
James Edward Carver
Jennifer Zadwick Carver
Joan Sacknitz Carver
Laura Paylor Carver
Marvin Jefferson Carver III
David Wayne Casagrande
Yvonne Casagrande
Kathleen Alicia Casanova
Cecilia Eugenia Casanueva
L. Douglas Case
Michael Lloyd Case
Dorothy May Casey
Edward Casey
Edward Lynn Casey
Ellen Harris Casey
Joseph Richard Casey III
Kimberly Paige Casey
Krista Kauffman Casey
Margaret McMichael Casey
Michael Joseph Casey
Michele Roberts Casey
Robert Dorian Casey
Sharon Kennedy Casey
Susan Christen Casey
Clarence Josh Cash, Jr.
Curtis Ambrose Cash
Gary Stephen Cash
Leslie Bryant Cash
William Davis Cash
Gwynne Blair Cashatt
Mark Cashin
Mary Lynn Cashin
D. Donald Cashion
Nancy Hendrix Cashion
David Leon Cashwell
L. Franklin Cashwell, Jr.
Pamela Brewington Cashwell
Thomas Herman Cashwell
Grace I. L. Caskie
Randall Casper
Richard Yoder Casper
Sean Andrew Casperson
Donald Hayes Cass
George C. Cass
Leonard Cass
Carmen Cassada +
Frank Casscells-Hamby
Margaret Casscells-Hamby
Patrick W. Casseday +
Pierce Anderson Cassedy III
Cheryl Crawford Cassel
Michael Dennis Cassel
Dean G. Cassell
L. Dean Cassell
Ronald Drake Cassell
Ruth Dennis Cassell
Christine Budd Cassidy
Mark Cassidy
Ellen C. Cassilly
Deborah Greene Casstevens
Wade Lucas Casstevens
May Sigmon Castelloe
Paul Edgar Castelloe, Jr.
Mauricio Castillo
Yvonne Ortega Castillo
Allison Rogers Castle
Joshua Castle
Fleming Thompson Castlebury
Bryan DeWitt Caston, Jr.
John Durward Caston
Mary Ann Keeter Caston
Maria Castro
Michael Anthony Catanese
Caroline Wiggs Cate
Charles Hamilton Cate, Jr.
Diane Joanne Catellier
Anne Wilmoth Cates
C. Wayne Cates
Jeffrey B. Cates
Joan Roberts Cates
John Allen Cates
John Claiborne Cates, Jr.
Susan Elizabeth Cates
Willard Cates, Jr.
Warren Stack Cathcart
Donnell Smith Catherines
E. Colby Cathey
Robert Wallace Cathey
Samuel Allen Cathey
Thomas N. Cathey
Ashley Hendrix Catlett
Camille Catlett
J. Stephen Catlett
Katherine Petrou Catlett
R. T. Cato
Diane Elliott Caton
David J. Catrambone
Edward L. Cattau, Jr.
Susanne Earnest Cattau
John Robert Cauble
William Luther Cauble, Jr.
J. Gentry Caudill
Steven Samuel Caudill
Virginia Whichard Caudill
W. Lowry Caudill
Anthony Niles Caudle
David Roddye Caudle
M. Louise Caudle
Mary Coker Caulder
Jerry Dean Cauley
Steven J. Causer
Bryan Paul Causey
Charles Wesley Causey III
John Norman Causey
Linda Rebecca Causey
Margaret Causey
Margaret Johnson Causey
Steven Glenn Causey
William Mitchell Causey, Jr.
Elvira Graham Cauthen
Jane Cauthen
Paul Kenneth Cauthen
Ralph Baker Cauthen
Ranieri Moore Cavaceppi
Julie Austin Cavallo
Martyn John Cavallo
Daniel Lee Cavanaugh
Gary Michael Cavanaugh
Tiernan Swenson Cavanna
Courtney Miller Cavatoni
Philip John Cavatoni
Marilyn Cheek Cavell
Michael Alan Cavell
Allison Christine Cavenaugh
Edward Lee Cavenaugh
Alice Elaine Cavin
Winston Churchill Cavin
Bobby Forrester Caviness
Elizabeth Jane Caviness
J. Keith Caviness
Jane Shearin Caviness
Joan E. Caviness
Joanne Snyder Caye
Betty Ellen Caywood
Chad Eric Cecil
Danielle Nicole Koonce Cecil
Edith Ann Cecil
John Amherst Cecil
Emil Lewis Cekada
Margaret Martin Cekada
Gillian T. Cell
Halley Elizabeth Cella
Lucy Parker Cella
David Moore Celley
Virginia Holt Cepeda
Carl Francis Cerco
Margaret Ayscue Certain
T. Andrew Certain
Sharon W. Cervenak
Kathryn McCrea Cervi
Matthew John Cervi
Erika Streck Cerwin
Kerry Michele Cesareo
Julie Benedetto Cha
Andrew B. Chacos
Mallary McGurk Chaddock
Beth Herring Chadwick
D. Gregory Chadwick
David Lee Chadwick
David N. Chadwick III
George Harris Chadwick III
Linda Keith Chadwick
Robert Michael Chadwick
Neil I. Chafetz
Betsy Morris Chaffin
Louise Hall Chaffin
Robert Ryland Chaffin
Nicole Chaisson
David Chalfant
Louise Chalfant
James Thomas Chalmers
Jo Ann Sikes Chalmers
Katherine Graybeal Chalmers
James Chamberlain
Sylvain Chamberland
Jeanne Chamberlin
Cathy Bowman Chambers
Joe Carroll Chambers
Julius LeVonne Chambers
K. Merry Chambers
Kathryn O. Chambers
Reece W. Chambers
Rita Dickerson Chambers
Thomas William Chambers
William LeRoy Chambers
Barbara Knapp Chamblee
Donald V. Chamblee
James Gray Chamblee
Kenneth Dwight Chamblee
Gayane Morse Chambless
Richard George Chambless
Mallory Lewis Chambliss, Jr.
Caroline Jean Chambre
Margaret K. Champion
Grace Robinson Chan
Marianne Chan
Michael J. Chan
Robin Munesato Chan
Roxanne Susan Chan
Stephanie Chien-Ru Chan
Ellen Turner Chance
J. Kenneth Chance
Allison Inscoe Chandler
Carolyn Shore Chandler
Dudley Carlyle Chandler, Jr.
J. Mark Chandler
Jennings Ingram Chandler III
John Edward Chandler III
Katherine Anne Waters Chandler
Linda Hoffner Chandler
Margaret Dorfman Chandler
Max Filmore Chandler
Peggy Black Chandler
Stephen Chandler
Thomas Yancey Chandler
Winborne Shaffer Chandler
Bethany Evelyn Chaney
C. Richard Chaney
Hubert Cleveland Chaney, Jr.
Katherine Daniel Chaney
Daniel Micah Chang
Emily Hueywen Chang
Jen-Yea Chang
Kelly C. Chang
Shane Sheng-Muh Chang
Shengder David Chang
Shine Chang
Tina Chih-Min Chang
Tina Wu Chang
Eliska Lowbeerova Chanlett
Jane Early Chanon
John Lear Chanon
Beverly Long Chapin
Hugh Mitchell Chapin *
Robert Bartlett Chapin
John David Chapla
Shawn E. Chapla
Gwendolyn Surratt Chaplin
Ann Williams Chapman
Arlene Chapman
Barbara Holland Chapman
Benjamin Low Chapman
Cynthia Malbon Chapman
George Bernard Chapman
H. Paul Chapman
James Bass Chapman
John Franklin Chapman
John M. B. Chapman, Jr.
Karen Harris Chapman
Katharine Mason Chapman
Kenneth Etheridge Chapman
Kerry Malloy Chapman
Kevin Wayne Chapman
Laura Logan Chapman
Laurie Jones Chapman
Louisa Elaine Chapman
Marilyn Jane Chapman
Max Carrol Chapman, Jr.
Nancy Gibbes Chapman
Perry Chapman
Robert Louis Chapman
Ronda Sell Chapman
Tammy Gilliam Chapman
Victoria Martin Chapman
William Cavanaugh Chapman, Jr.
William Sherard Chapman, Jr.
Bill Chappell, Jr.
Charles Chappell
Janice Durham Chappell
Pat Rai Chappell
DeWitt Chapple, Jr.
Anne-Lynne Davis Charbonnet
Caroline Hewes Charbonnet
Claudia Charest
Anthony Gbolahan Charles
Jeffrey Mark Charles
Linda Ann Ryan Charles
Mark David Charlson
Clark Hanes Charlton
Lois Reifsteck Charlton
Ronald Kent Charlton
William Love Charlton
Matthew Bradley Charney
Ginny Cash Charnock
Ross M. Charnock
M. Alexander Charns
Danny Ray Chartier
Eric Howard Chason
Pamela Sue Chassin
Roger Vernon Chastain, Jr.
David Chasteen
John Charles Chasteen
Robert James Chasteen
Denise Chatham
John Nathaniel Chatham
Lucy Hanes Chatham
Chris B. Chato
Avik Chatterjee
Debashish Chatterjee
Payal D. Chauhan
R. Fred Chauncey, Jr.
Nicholas Cruz Chauvenet
James Landis Chavasse
Anthony Chavez
Annie McCullough Chavis
Diane Deese Chavis
Kenyon Mala Chavis
Christopher Haekang Chay
Mary Haeyung Chay
John Philip Chazal
Brenning Bunch Cheatham
James T. Cheatham III
Jennifer F. Check
Bonnie Rhoads Cheek
Edwin Rives Cheek
Ellen Stretcher Cheek
Herman Barrett Cheek
J. Paul Cheek, Jr.
James Whitney Cheek
Kathryn Kilpatrick Cheek
Nancy Williams Cheek
Neal King Cheek
Paul Hubert Cheek
Ruth Lloyd Cheek
Stephen Alexander Cheek
Tonya Widemon Cheek
Tori Leigh Cheek
Caroline Cheek-Hill
Christopher Ray Cheever
Jacqueline Hoyle Cheever
Pamela Prakke Chelden
Ching Kuang Chen
C. Skye Hanford Chen
Denise Jenny Chen
Duke Chen
Fang Chen
Huina Chen
Jerome Gene Chen
Liling Chen
Lixin Chen
Michael Tsu-Lin Chen
Rick Jengneng Chen
Stephanie Chien Chen
Xin Chen
Zhen Chen
Carlisle Chenault
Elizabeth Ann Chenault
Steven Lewis Chenault
Philip Mathews Cheney
Philip Richard Cheng
Jamie LaComb Chenier
Natalie Dick Chepul
Peter Anthony Chepul
Howard David Cherniack
Robert Cherniak
Joel Ira Chernoff
Billy Jones Cherry
Elizabeth Chadwick Cherry
Mary Alys Voorhees Cherry
W. Robert Cherry, Jr.
Wilsonia Emma Dellena Cherry
Nancy Custer Chescheir
Coye Vernon Cheshire
Joseph Blount Cheshire V
Julie Berry Cheshire
William Polk Cheshire
Mary Catherine Archer Chesney
Robert William Chesney
John Edward Chesser, Jr.
Daphne Lynn Chesson
Earl Goodwin Chesson
Mary Boon Chesson
Jerry Lee Chestnut
N. Warren Cheves
Nancy Jones Chewning
Thomas Norman Chewning
William James Cheyney II
Mun Hui Chia
Derek Chiang
Meagan Elizabeth Chiappetta
Jennifer Jones Chiavetta
John Bryan Chiavetta
Rebekah Sparrow Chiavetta
Stephen Victor Chiavetta III
Miriam Ruth Chicurel
Fiona Chien
Jeannine Anne Chignell
Kevin Lee Chignell
Peter George Chikes
William Klugh Child III
Alfred G. Childers
Nancy W. Childers
Scott Julius Childress
Sidney Gause Childress
Vincent Davis Childress, Jr.
Charles Everard Childs, Jr.
Harriet Boddie Childs
Jane Sanborn Childs
W. Douglas Childs
Catherine Chiles
John T. Chiles
Molly P. Chiles
J. Ben Chilton
Alan Chim +
James Michael Chimiak
Allison Mee Yan Chin
Beverly Bailey Chinnis
Satish Chintapalli
Paul Chuen-Chang Chiou
Laura Stephens Chipman
Amy McCaffrey Chisam
Carolyn Shepard Chisholm
John W. Chism
Karen Elizabeth Ann Chiswell
A. Benjamin Chitty
Mary Kuhl Chitty
Miriam Owen Chitty
Beverly Rollins Chitwood
Kristi Wright Chitwood
William Barnett Chitwood
Moo J. Cho
Sueyoung E. Cho
Yun Hi Choi
Ruth Cox Choiniere
Charles Thomas Choplin
S. Walker Choppin
Hersh Chopra
Terence Louis Chorba
Denise Chouinard-Thompson
Billy Lui Chow
Gregory Peter Chrisafis
Allan Chrisman
Paula Grisette Christakos
Ellen Holiday Christenberry
J. Reid Christenberry
Margot F. Christensen
Portia Haimbach Christensen
Holly Kimball Christian
Jewel Buffaloe Christian
Robert Brill Christian
Ron Christian
Stacy-Ann Christian
Virgil Holcomb Christian, Sr.
William Gerow Christian, Jr.
Alison McKenzie Christianson
Joan Christison-Lagay
Lisa Abernethy Christman
Russell F. Christman
Kaylan Alyssa Christofferson
Stephen Edward Christophe
Claire Christopher
John Christopher
Maria Contou Christopher
Barbara Ragland Christy
Deirdre Schoen Christy
Peter Joshua Chrzanowski
Cynthia S. Chu
Lam S. Chu
Nancy Chumney
Daniel Chun
Hwi-Man Chung
Shun Kuei Chung
Su-Kyung Chung
Franklyn D. Church
Jimmy Howell Church
Shirley Truitt Church
Sandra Wade Churchill
Paul Leon Chused
Susan Early Ciccarelli
Lois Ann Cichowski
Lisa Paulin Cid
Nathaniel Emre Cilem
Elena B. Cimador
Meghan Walsh Cioffi
Robert Cioffi
Daniel Louis Ciprari
Jason Christopher Cipriani
Anthony Charles Ciriaco
Martha Hammonds Ciriaco
Elizabeth Anne George Cisar
Michael J. Cisco
Andrew Paul Citron
Christopher City
George Worthington Civils
John David Civils
Maxine A. Claar
Neil Everett Claffey
Renae Lias Claffey
Anne Woodward Clancy
Kathryn Virginia Clancy
Charles Whitaker Clanton
Magnolia Williams Clanton
Charles Graham Clapp
David Earl Clapp
James Robert Clapp
Mark Lashley Clapp
Nancy E. Clapp-Channing
Timothy Jay Clapper
Adele Roberts Clark
Alan Blake Clark
Allen Keith Clark *
Amy Wrazen Clark
Andrew Harrison Clark
Anne Logan Clark
Arthur Watts Clark
Aubrey William Clark
Barbara Goodrich Clark
Benjamin Peele Clark
Betty D. Clark
Blanche Burrus Clark
Bronwen Adrienne Clark
Brooke Locklear Clark
Candace F. Clark
Carey Alexander Clark, Jr.
Carol Josey Clark
Carolyn Clark
Carolyn Corley Clark
Catherine Hudson Clark
Christine Clark
Crystal McDaniel Clark
Daniel William Clark
Deborah Clark
Dessie Elliot Clark
Dona M. Clark
Eddie Nelson Clark
Eleanor R. Clark
Elizabeth Clark
Elizabeth Covington Clark
Eloise Ann Clark
Evangeline Hinson Clark
Francis Charles Clark
Franklin St Clair Clark
Fred M. Clark
G. Curtis Clark
Genevieve K. Clark
George William Clark, Jr.
Giles Robertson Clark
Gray Proctor Clark
Harriett Lewis Clark
Hugh Mercer Clark
J. Milford Clark
J. Ransom Clark
James Andrew Clark
James W. Clark
James William Clark, Jr.
Janet E. Clark
Jeffrey Clark
Jill Avett Clark
John Drane Clark
John Hector Clark
Jonathan Allen Clark
Joseph Clark
Karrie Shaffer Clark
Karyn Clark
Kathryn Clark
Ken E. Clark
Kevin James Clark
Laura M. Clark
Lauren Armfield Clark
Lawrence Michael Clark
Linda H. Clark
Linda Loeb Clark
Lynn Niven Clark
Malcolm Nash Clark, Jr.
Marjorie McCutchen Clark
Mary Cannon Clark
Mary Sine Clark
Melissa Chandler Clark
Melissa Mason Clark
Michael A. Clark
Miriam Marty Clark
Ned Long Clark, Jr.
Pamela Clark
Paul Wilbur Clark
Rene Clark
Richard Lee Clark
Robert Clark
Robert Burns Clark, Jr.
Ross Carlton Clark
Ryan Dale Clark
Samuel Hubert Clark, Jr.
Sandra Crovi Clark
Sandra Gay Clark
Sarah Key Clark
Shirley Brown Clark
Susan Lesniak Clark
Suzanne Carol Clark
Tiffany Miller Clark
Vella Betsy Clark
W. Lloyd Clark
Wayne C. Clark
William Grimes Clark IV
William Thompson Clark
Ann Clarke
Dustin Todd Clarke
Eleanore Ewbank Clarke
Eric Clarke
James Harry Clarke
Kim Stafford Clarke
Michael A. Clarke
Penelope T. Clarke
Shelley J. Clarke
T. Henry Clarke IV
Wendy Marie Clarke
Wesley G. Clarke
Kathleen Maria Clarke-Pearson
Brian Mark Clarkson
John Murmon Clarkson III
Linda Glisson Clarkson
Mary Ann R. Clarkson
Taylor Speer Classen
Rosemary H. Claudy
Amy Michelle Clauss
John Clay Clausz
Maurine G. Claver
Cynthia Somma Clavijo
Helen Ehrhardt Clawson
J. David Clawson, Jr.
Robert Glen Clawson, Jr.
Michael Jay Claxton
Charles Commander Clay
George W. Clay III
Neal Hargett Clay, Jr.
Robert M. Clay
W. Larry Clay
Laurel Elizabeth Clayson
Amanda Reaves Clayton
Carol Duncan Clayton
Eva McPherson Clayton
H. Graves Clayton III
Jack O. Clayton
Katherine Justus Clayton
Kimberly Joyce Clayton
Mary McElwee Clayton
Nancy Carol Clayton
Paul Edward Clayton
Renee Clayton
William McElwee Clayton
Zachary Scott Clayton
Jody Clay-Warner
Charles W. Cleary
Constance Cleary
Patrick J. Cleary
Susan Davis Cleary
William Russell Clegg
Mark Paul Clein
Ann Sawyer Cleland
George Montgomery Cleland IV
Pamela C. Cleland
Edna Weiss Clemans
Andrew B. Clement
H. Matthew Clement
Brenda Clements
Dennis Alfred Clements III
James M. Clements
John Clements
Kathleen Whitten Clements
Margaret Clements
Marshall Eugene Clements
David R. Clemmons
Kathy S. Clemmons
Pamella Kuhn Clemmons
Roland Elbert Clemmons
June Clendenin
Michael Clendenin
T. Barrier Clendenin, Jr.
Sarah Vaughan Clere
Thomas Arthur Clere
Gregor George Cleveland
Kenneth M. Cleveland
Peter Devine Cleveland
Ellen Clevenger-Firley
Brandon C. Clewis
Grace M. Clewis
Michael Timmerman Cliff
Esther Clifford
John Clifford
Louise M. Clifford
Audrey Vought Clifton
Gerald T. Clifton
Jennie Kluttz Clifton
Lenise Clifton
Jack Alspaugh Clinard
Ruth French Clinard
Betty Joanne Cline
Gene Nolen Cline
Luster James Cline
Martha Yount Cline
Mellie Cline
Robert Seitz Cline
Rodney Gerald Cline
M. Jennings Clingan
Patricia Allen Clingenpeel
Winfred Judd Clingenpeel, Jr.
Dianne L. Clinton
Gary L. Clinton
Richard Lee Clinton
Elise Clippinger
Mark Clippinger
Donna MacIsaac Clodfelter
Mark Clodfelter
Shirley W. Clodfelter
Pamela Minschew Cloer
Gloria Gilbert Cloninger
Kenneth Kyle Cloninger
David Jones Clontz
Pilar Closkey
George William Cloud
Margaret Alford Cloud
Elizabeth B. Cloutier
Gilles Cloutier
Nancy Lockamy Cloutier
Peter Blackwell Cloutier
Charles R. Clover
Barbara Barksdale Clowse
G. Robert Clutts
William Mitchell Clyde
Carla Cangiamila Coachman
Andrew Ian Coates
Angel Geitner Coates
Brian Sean Coates
Kathryn DeBerry Coates
Brian Leslie Coatney
Anne Neill Coats
Barbara Minderman Coats
Stephen E. Coats
Arnold Gene Cobb, Jr.
Barry Sidney Cobb
Bernadine Alston Cobb
Carla Martin Cobb
Carolyn Thompson Cobb
Donnell Borden Cobb, Jr.
Edna Faye Pugh Cobb
H. Bryan Cobb
Inez Macklin Cobb *
J. Vines Cobb, Jr.
James Abernethy Cobb, Jr.
Jerrel Wood Cobb, Jr.
Kirk Cobb
Laine Cobb
Laurence Arthur Cobb
Mark Cobb
Roland Everette Cobb, Jr.
Sandra Umberger Cobb
Sarah Beale Cobb
Steven L. Cobb
W. Thurston Cobb
Watt Cobb, Jr.
Drew Patrick Cobbs
J. Bailey Cobbs
Laura Stapleton Cobetto
G. Munroe Cobey
Rebecca Todd Cobey
Charles Ray Coble
Cheryl Arthur Coble
G. Edgerton Coble
Henry Luther Coble
Jean D. Coble
McKay Coble
Sherry B. Coble
Susan Elizabeth Coburn
Joi Skaggs Cochran
Robert Andrew Cochran
Thomas Farish Cochran
Thomas Grier Cochran
W. Gerald Cochran
Heather L. Cochran Cunningham
Carol Giddings Cochrane
Elizabeth P. Cochrane
Haywood Day Cochrane, Jr.
Scott Michael Cochrane
William Vincent Cochrane
Erin Frances Cocke
James Mitchell Cocke
Stanley Howland Cocke
Linda Kibler Cockrell
Sanford Alonza Cockrell III
Willis Edgar Cockrell III
Deborah Busby Coclanis
George Harry Cocolas
Peter Coconis
Phyllis Coconis
Kathleen Marie Cody
David Hampton Coe
Kenneth Sears Coe, Jr.
Anne F. K. Coenen
Anne W. Coffey
Sean Coffey
William Richard Coffey
David Robert Coffield
Martha Cottrell Coffield
Mary Ferguson Coffin
Stanton Coffin
Jennifer Ellen Coffman
Andrew Cogdell
George William Coggin
David Allen Coggins
Laura Underwood Coggins
Louise Weeks Coggins
Stephen Dalton Coggins
James W. Coghill
Ben Westarp Cohen
Betty Franklin Cohen
Brent Lee Cohen
Bruce Elliot Cohen
David Louis Cohen
Debra Gaddy Cohen
Elizabeth Larschan Cohen
Ellen Cohen
Fredric Michael Cohen
George Stuart Cohen
Gerry Farmer Cohen
Hulda H. Cohen
Jeff M. Cohen
Jeffrey Lee Cohen
Jerry Cohen
Jordan Cohen
Joshua Peyrot Cohen
Joyce Schilke Cohen
K. Julianne Cohen
Linda G. Cohen
Lisa Baturin Cohen
Lisa Joanne Cohen
Marcy Freund Cohen
Ned Samuel Cohen
Penelope S. Cohen
Sarah Schweitzer Cohen
Sherry Ann Cohen
Stephanie Michelle Cohen
Susan Rita Cohen
Walter N. Cohen
William Mark Cohen
Connie Cohn
Herbert Benjamin Cohn
Sara Hurwitz Cohn
Walter David Cohn
Carolyn Benbow Coker
Elizabeth Brownridge Colacino
Joseph M. Colacino
Dionne Michelle Colbert
Kenneth Colburn
Virginia Colburn
Harvey Colchamiro
Anne Smith Cole
Ashley Dimmette Cole
Bennett Scott Cole
Betty Reedy Cole
Cameron Christopher Cole
Cathy Smith Cole
Charity Cole
Clifford Cole, Jr.
David Green Cole
Frederic Jack Cole, Jr.
G. Jarrard Cole
Genevieve Lowry Cole
H. William Cole
Holly Noble Cole
Howard Dunwody Cole
James Washington L. Cole
John Charles Cole
Linda Owens Cole
Marcia Cole
Marjorie Franks Cole
Mary Herman Cole
Mary Bess Jarrard Cole
Melissa Douse Cole
Nancy Stooksberry Cole
Richard Francis Cole
Stephanie B. Cole
Stephen Nathaniel Cole
Susan Miller Cole
Thomas Ballard Cole
William Albert Cole II
Chanel Andree Coleman
Cynthia Coleman
Frances Owen Coleman
James Coleman
James Melvin Coleman
Jeffrey Stephen Coleman
Jill Coleman
Joseph Edward Coleman III
Julie Coleman
Karen Smith Coleman
Lynn Grier Coleman
Mary Ruth Blackwell Coleman
Melissa Wantland Coleman
Philip Divoll Coleman
Robert Daniel Coleman III
Robert Feaster Coleman III
Robert Joseph Coleman
Ronald Eric Coleman
Thomas Ross Coleman
Vanessa Coleman
W. Stephen Coleman
William Lord Coleman
Margery Bradley Coler
Jay Coles
Jean Peay Coles
Lynn Wareh Coles
Michael Coletta
Carroll Moore Coley
Elwood Brogden Coley
H. Turner Coley, Jr.
Lauren Allison Coley
Mary Parrish Coley
Melanie Calvert Coley
Robert E. Coley
Silas Bodie Coley, Jr.
Walter Newton Coley
Karen Hopkins Coley-Harrison
Charles Thomas Colgan
Romona Kerr Colglazier
Janet Collazo
Rene Ralph Collazo
James R. Collett *
George Constantine Collias
Kimberly Norfleet Collie
W. Bernard Collie
Alicia Kelly Collier
Ann Upchurch Collier
Anne Palmer Collier
Arthur Collier III
Deborah S. Collier
Hal Franklin Collier
Phyllis Lehman Collier
Robert Alvis Collier, Jr.
Thomas B. Collier
Timothy Lee Collier
Valary Davis Collier
Annette Thomae Collins
Benjamin Franklin Collins, Jr.
Billie Thorburn Collins
Bobby McManus Collins II
Bradford Scott Collins
Bradley James Collins
Camille R. Collins
Charles Daniel Collins
Donald E. Collins
Eunice M. Collins
Francis Sellers Collins
H. Boyd Collins
Ivor W. Collins
J. Brent Collins
J. Charles Collins
James Edward Collins II
Jon Loren Collins
Joni M. Collins
Joseph William Collins
Judith Buxton Collins
Judith Quinn Collins
Kathryn Sue Collins
Kimberly Lawing Collins
Leslie Gordon Collins, Jr.
Linda Stephens Collins
Lisa Dixon Collins
Mary Deasey Collins
Megan Eliza Collins
Michael Whitman Collins
Ned Benton Collins
Sara Collins
Shirley R. Collins
Terry D. Collins
Thomas Asa Collins, Jr.
Timothy Robert Collins
Timothy S. Collins
Wesley William Collins *
William Batchelor Collins
Jeanette Chambers Collopy
Francesca Varcoe Colloredo-Mansfeld
Rudolf Josef Colloredo-Mansfeld
Bunnie Collura
Vincent Paul Collura
Anne Gore Coln
William Gerald Coln
Joseph Carmen Colosi
John Alan Colotta
Gwenn Colston
Jean Marie Colthurst
J. Overton Colton
Marie Watters Colton
Geoffrey Shah Coltrane
Rebecca Buchanan Coltrane
Craig Randall Colvin
Gloria Payne Colvin
Michael Colvin
C. Perry Colwell
Robert Fairlie Colyer, Jr.
Jack Murdoch Coman
Linda M. Combs
Preston Noe Comeaux III
B. Bragg Comer, Jr.
C. Cline Comer
Wilson Sidney Comer, Jr.
Frank Rockwell Comfort
Edward Comiskey
Nina Comiskey
Wylene Righton Commander
Margaret Mary Commins
Jonathan Bentley Commons
Cindy Duke Compeggie
Dwight Edward Compton
M. Elizabeth Compton
H. Wayne Comstock
Lloyd Karr Comstock
David Harris Conaway
Maria Elena Conaway
Bob Conder, Jr.
Elizabeth Grant Condon
Benjamin Cone, Jr.
Ceasar Cone III
Donna Milton Cone
Herman Cone III
Joseph Samuel Cone
Robert Clarence Cone
Roberta Cone
Sally Boyette Cone
Marcella Harrer Congdon
Robert B. Congdon
Jim Congleton III
Carol Beth Conklin
Heather Sue Conklin
Charles Townsend Conkling
Amy Jorgensen Conlee
Karen Lorraine Conley
Patrick Conley
Sarah Bond Conley
Shirley Lewis Conley
Tania C. Connaughton-Espino
John Waller Connell
Steven Lane Connell
Charles Evans Connelly
Christopher Scott Connelly
Jane S. Connelly
Julie Faulkner Connelly
Michael Jude Connelly
Patrick Peter Connelly
Sheila Kennedy Connelly
Beverly Utley Conner
Charles Horace Conner, Jr.
Clinton Lee Conner
Gerald Lamar Conner, Jr.
James Michael Conner
Kathryn Cross Conner
Marlene Conner
Orv Conner
Richard Horace Conner III
Taylor Laumann Conner
Daniel Patrick Connerton
Sally Bahnsen Connerton
Alice Forney Connolly
Anna Marie Connolly
Henry Walter Connolly
Jule McLauchlin Connolly
Julia Anne Connolly
Carolyn L. Connor
Catherine Elaine Connor
Connie Connor
David Howard Connor
David Marion Connor III
Jason Todd Connor
W. Robert Connor
Jacqueline Kane Connors
Sharon LaPointe Connors
Ann Patrick Conrad
Carl Ray Conrad
Gertrude C. Conrad
Helen Harney Conrad
Jennifer S. Conrad
Kristin Sue Conrad
Larry D. Conrad
Phillip Gordon Conrad
Phillip S. Conrad
Robert Ballard Conrad
Robert Franklin Conrad
Barbara Kolski Conroy
Martin Joseph Conroy
D. Lloyd Consaga
Gerald Lee Constable
George R. Constantinople
Marissa Dawn Conti
Lynn Dewey Conto
Candace Liedl Contristan
Jane Spilman Converse
Joseph Irwin Converse, Jr.
Sue Folger Converse
Walter Crabtree Converse
Elinor Ahern Convery
Linda Convissor
C. Mack Conway
Cheryl Moseley Conway
Darrel James Conway
Richard Rodney Cooch
Alan Cook
Ann Elizabeth Cook
Christopher Cook
Cindy Kaye Cook
Daniel Paul Cook
Eiler Robert Cook
Eleanor Ilene Cook
Elizabeth Curtis Cook
Gloria Pope Cook
Jennifer Parker Cook
Joann C. Cook
Karen Cook
Kenton Rollin Cook
Lisa Hooks Cook
Margaret Mary Cook
Mark Edward Cook
Meredith Bishop Cook
Ralph R. Cook
Ray Von Cook
Robert Lewis Cook
Terry Lynn Cook
Thomas Cook
Thomas James Cook
Timothy Ryan Cook
Vici Cornelison Cook
A. Wayland Cooke
Anne Beattie Cooke
C. Brandon Cooke
David Craig Cooke
Donald DeWitt Cooke
J. David Cooke
James Coffield Cooke, Jr.
Jane Cappio Cooke
Jerry Monroe Cooke
Michael Boyce Cooke
Milton Perreault Cooke
Randolph Boyd Cooke
Sydney Stafford Cooke
N. Courts Cooledge
Allene Fuller Cooley
Allene Smith Cooley
Arthur Maxwell Cooley
Daniel Reed Cooley
Jimmy Dean Cooley
Leslie Katherine Cooley
Robert Stephen Cooley, Jr.
Carolyn P. Coolidge-Riggs
Barbara Elise Coon
David Thomas Coone
Lorre Brown Coone
Betty Bruton Cooney
Charlotte T. Cooney
Daniel J. Cooney
James P. Cooney
Andrew Philip Chardavoyn Coonin
Lewis Selkirk Coonley, Jr.
Linda Murphy Coonley
Barbara Finkelstein Cooper
Betty Jones Cooper
Blucher Hamilton Cooper IV
David Booth Cooper
David Erwin Cooper
David Young Cooper III
Dorothy Arundell Cooper
Douglas Kenneth Cooper
Eleanor Wright Cooper
George Marion Cooper III
Henry Burwell Cooper, Jr.
Howard Alan Cooper
Jacob Leshen Cooper
James Harold Cooper
Jennifer Zahn Cooper
Jerry Parks Cooper
John Martin Cooper
Joseph Nehemiah Cooper
Justin Brownell Cooper
Kay Cooper
Linda Yvonne Cooper
Mary Paul Moore Cooper
Randolph Eugene Cooper
Rhea Cooper
Sabrina Green Cooper
Simone Thubet Cooper
Valerie Wells Cooper
W. Arthur Cooper III
W. Brian Cooper
Connie O. Cope
Archie Wallace Copeland
Donald Lee Copeland, Sr.
Douglas Wallace Copeland, Jr.
Eddy P. Copeland
Jacqueline Parker Copeland
James Edward Copeland, Jr.
James L. Copeland
Joanne Bullard Copeland
Katherine Serzan Copeland
Mark Pritchard Copeland
Roberta J. Copeland
Sadie Ravonia Copeland
Sydney Perry Copeland
Wilma Copeland
Jane Davis Copenhaver
Nat Hawkins Copenhaver, Jr.
James Reuben Copland IV
Ronald Gheen Copland
Dorothy Coplon
Jennifer Vandergriff Copolillo
Susan Barber Coppedge
Thomas Oliver Coppedge, Jr.
Carol Elizabeth Copple
Alton James Coppridge
Phyllis Ellen Coram
Kelly Shawn Corbet
Clyde E. Corbett
Elizabeth Chase Corbett
Ellen McKellar Corbett
Rhodes Thomas Corbett
Susan Cheadle Corbett
Virginia M. Corbett
Lisa Ware Corbin
Patricia Walter Corbus
C. Timothy Corcoran III
Christopher Michael Corcoran
Sheila Ann Corcoran
Terry Jack Cordell
Robert Joseph Corder
Lisa M. Cordero
Catherine Cordero-Parrish
Thomas Llewellin Cordle, Jr.
Gehan Asoka Corea
Thomas Alexander Corea
Jennifer Corigliano
Mark Edward Corigliano
Victoria Margaret Corke
Emma Corley
Glenn Corley
Joseph Randolph Corley, Sr.
Robert Joseph Corley
Raymond J. Cormier
Carolyn Sluder Corn
Mary Louise Johnston Corn
Mary Riggle Cornatzer
John Ransom Corne
Lucy Grant Cornelius
James Keen Cornell
Thomas B. Cornell
Rick Jay Cornella
Peggy Lynn Cornett
Donna Paoli Cornick
Robert Earl Cornwell
William Dixon Cornwell, Jr.
Abel J. Coronel
Fe Coronel
Belinda Howard Corpening
Mary Schmidt Corr
Emily Newby Correll
Gary Robert Correll
Clint Alexander Corrie
Mary Pat Corrigan
Natalie Nichols Corrigan
Nora L. Corrigan
Timothy Walter Corrigan
Joi Marie Corrothers
Helen Doggett Corry
Paul William Corry
Bruce Packard Corson
Jorge D. Cortese
Sally Winde Cortina
Jay Charles Corum
Jamie Corwell
Margaret Talman Corwin
G. Lee Cory, Jr.
Karen Spencer Cory
Robin Berholz Cory
Robert Cosby
Wilma Cosby
Billie Forehand Cosgrove
Christopher Church Cosgrove
Lauren Elise Cosgrove
Thomas William Cosgrove, Jr.
Edward Worthington Coslett, Jr.
Judy Connelly Coslett
Harvey Lindenthal Cosper, Jr.
Kathryn Perrin Cosper
Manuel Louis Costa
Elizabeth J. Costello
Margaret Smith Costen
Marcia Anne Coster-Schulz
E. Stephen Costner
Arthur Williams Coston
Catherine Jones Cotovsky
Alice Robinson Cotten
Bennett Little Cotten
Jerry Wayne Cotten
Robert Wesley Cotten
Dawn Dixon Cotter
Henry Cotter
Joanne Cotter
Michael Cotter
Laura Mansberg Cotterman
Bambi Gibson Cottie
Anthony Cottle
Keith Bryan Cottle
Clare Marden Cotton, Jr.
Winnie Williams Cotton
David Robert Cottone
Eric Harbrook Cottrell
Philip Lewis Cottrell
Benjamin John Couch
Charles Graves Couch, Jr.
Jack W. Couch
Jean Chesson Couch
Kimberly Wilder Couch
Paul Couch
Stephanie Michelle Couch
Rachel Leder Couchenour
Marie A. Coucoulas
Barbara Bitler Coughlin
Catherine Morgan Coughlin
Donald Thomas Coughlin
Paul William F. Coughlin
Sidney Mathias Coulling III
Clinton Huxley Coulter, Jr.
Jeffrey David Coulter
Joe E. Coulter
Robert Jackson Coulter
Ronald Guy Coulter
Sharon Bryant Council
Elizabeth Burke Counselman
Terry Dankel Counselman
David J. Couper
Jennifer Preston Coursen
Sandra Courson
Benjamin Haywood Courtney
Dana Newman Courtney
Patricia B. Courtright
Richard Dennis Courtright
Timothy Burrell Cousar
Jane Cousins
Brian Coussens
Mona C. Couts
Matthew Tyler Covell
Robert M. Coven
Carolyn Shelton Covert
Deborah Lee Covington
Sally McDonald Covington
Stephen Phillip Covington
Ann Rankin Cowan
Anne Harvey Cowan
Ashley J. Cowan
Caroline Sikes Cowan
Gloria Farnell Cowan
John Charles Cowan, Jr.
Katharine Watson Cowan
Keith Osburn Cowan
Nancy Walker Cowan
Robert Alan Cowan
Robert Jenkins Cowan
Carolyn Lloyd Coward
Marjorie O. Coward
Nancy Potts Coward
Orville Dillard Coward, Jr.
Julia Billotte Cowden
William Irvine Cowden
Brenda Mesler Cowell
Holly Van Wegen Cowell
Jane Cragan Cowell
Jennifer Strenkowski Cowell
Mark Andrew Cowell
Phyllis Slick Cowell
Russell S. Cowell
Deborah Freid Cowen
David McLellan Cowherd
Daniel Joseph Cowhig
Mary Phelps Cowhig
Ann Cowper
William Riddick Cowper III
Richard Pearson Cowperthwait
Alice Cox
Barbara McSwain Cox
Carin M. Cox
Carol Gordon Cox
Caroline Ulrey Cox
Catherine Caldwell Cox
Christopher Ross Cox
Christopher Ward Cox
Dale Smith Cox
Daniel Reams Cox
Daniel Thomas Cox
David L. Cox
Edward Michael Cox, Jr.
Eppie Bennett Cox
G. Sidney Cox
Gregory John Cox
Jack Mckinley Cox
James Oliver Cox
James Robert Cox, Jr.
Jennifer Marie Cox
John W. Cox
Joseph B. Cox
Kara Simpson Cox
Ken Cox
LaJeune J. Cox
Leslie Janel Cox
M. Ann Cox
Marcus A. Cox
Mary Foster Cox
Mason Orlando Cox, Jr.
Meg Gibbs Cox
Melissa Patterson Cox
Michael W. Cox
Micki Cox
Nancy Dailey Cox
Patrick Bryan Cox, Sr.
Patti Morris Cox
Paul M. Cox
Richard Allen Cox
Ruth Barach Cox
Sarah Elizabeth Cox
Sarah Peek Cox
Stephen Hampton Cox
Teresa Irby Cox
Terry Clinton Cox
Thomas Elwood Cox
Thomas Headley Cox
Toby Hoffman Cox
William Robbins Cox
Zach Davis Cox, Jr.
Cathy Cox-Chason
James Sherwood Coxe III
Robin Coxe
Annette Coyle
Marguerite Lunney Coyle
Melissa Daniel Coyle
Thomas J. Coyle, Jr.
Michael F. Coyne
Christina M. CoyneSmith
Benjamin Shute Cozart
Buckley Wayne Cozart
Elizabeth McKenna Cozart
Elizabeth Shute Cozart
Gretchen Cozart
Lou Ann Bissett Cozart
Ula Hubert Cozart III
Wiley Simeon Cozart III
Michael Alexander Crabb III
Yang-Cha Pak Crabb
Ashley Morgan Crabtree
Hillary Bridgers Crabtree
Wayne Crabtree
Andrew J. Cracker
Richard Scott Craddock
Anna Rebecca Craft
Rebecca Miriam Craft
Renee Alexander Craft
Lester Leroy Crafton, Jr.
Donna Lynne Cragle
Allan F. Craig
Braden Scott Craig
Jeneva Agnes Craig
John O'Neal Craig III
Kenneth Robert Craig
Michael Fulton Craig
P. H. Craig, Jr.
Thomas Michael Craig, Jr.
William Lewis Craig III
William Mark Craig, Jr.
Burton Craige
Heather Barkley Craige
Francis H. Craighill III
Catherine Craig-Wilder
Erin Jean Cram
Gary Paul Cram, Jr.
Sheri Jennings Cram
J. Scott Cramer
Jeffrey Lee Cramer
M. Richard Cramer
Nancy Arnott Cramer *
Robert Wayne Cramer
Gregory Byrd Crampton
Martha Usry Crampton
Alpo Franssila Crane
Barbara B. Crane
David Walter Crane
Martin M. Crane
Michael David Crane
Karen M. Cranfill
Ann G. Cranford
Ann Martin Cranford
Delbert Marvin Cranford
Elizabeth Jones Cranford
Ernest Bright Cranford, Jr.
Gregory Sherrill Cranford
Lee McCarter Cranford
Lois Ribelin Cranford
Peter Pfaff Cranford
Tommy Lee Cranford
Carole Winifred Cranor
Catherine Babcock Cranor
Joy E. Cranshaw
Ellen Marie Crary
Lisa Stewart Crater
Robert Cameron Crates
Donald Baxter Craven
Gara Phillips Craven
Paul Lee Craven III
C. Penry Craver, Jr.
David Francis Craver
Joseph Malcolm Craver
Joseph Newton Craver II
Mary Penry Craver
Sam Wyndham Craver, Jr.
Vicki Underwood Craver
A. Henry Crawford, Jr.
Ann Roach Crawford
Barbara Schweizer Crawford
Bruce Hampton Crawford
Carolyn Johnson Crawford
Carrington Wayne Crawford
David Alan Crawford
Diane Smith Crawford
Edward Alexander Crawford
Elizabeth Blount Crawford
Ellen Chism Crawford
Eugene Benson Crawford, Jr.
Gregory Alan Crawford
James Lackey Crawford III
James Woodrow Crawford
John Maxwell Crawford
Joseph Roy Crawford
Judith Crawford
Katharine Cart Crawford
L. Randall Crawford
Matthew Crawford +
Merle Moses Crawford
Nan Vickers Crawford
Patrick K. Crawford
Rose Cunneen Crawford
Scott Duncan Crawford
Thomas Rich Crawford
Tracy Brown Crawford
Virginia Wilson Crawford
W. Morgan Crawford, Jr.
William Chapman Crawford, Jr.
William Harris Crawford III
William John Crawford
Charles Gordon Crawley
R. Oliver Crawley, Jr.
Robin Cornell Creamer
Thomas Claiborne Creasy, Jr.
Susan Fowler Credle
Christopher Graham Creech
D. Veronica Creech
Elizabeth Johnson Creech
G. Morrison Creech
Judith Stanley Creech
Linda Laughter Creech
Otis Wayne Creech
Sally Wood Creech
Deborah Jessup Creed
Mary Redfearn Creed
Michael Wayne Creed
Robert Walter Creed
Barbara Creegan
Richard Creegan
R. William Creekmore
Daniel Uriah Cregar, Jr.
Sue Averitt Creighton
Alison Wotring Crenshaw
Brian Crenshaw
Charles Roberts Crenshaw, Jr.
Ludmila Fedarenka Crenshaw
Rebecca Crenshaw
W. Scott Crenshaw
Wanda Garner Crenshaw
Mark Crescenzi
Joseph Gregory Crespo
Shelia Lowder Creswell
Earl R. Creutzburg
Robert Earl Crew, Jr.
Agnes Crews
Cynthia Kay Crews
Kenneth Roger Crews
Robert Denniston Crews
Brenda Neel Cribb
Bettie Crigler
Deanna Lynn Crigler
Frank Crigler
Robert C. Crigler
Glenn Stevenson Crihfield
Michael Thomas Crimmins
Jennifer Roberdeau Cripe
Betsy Fisher Crisafulli
Anne Bohannon Criscillis
Mike Criscitiello
Pamela Proctor Criscitiello
John Allen Crislip
Gladess Hudspeth Crisp
Kelly O'Neal Crisp
Roslyn Moore Crisp
Judith Anne Crissman
Patricia Hodges Crissman
Charles Christopher Crittenden III
Holly Hamilton Crittendon
Debra Wagner Critz
Leigh Hammer Crochet
Eleanor Alene Crocker
J. Melville Crocker
Lynne Crocker
Page Temple Crocker
Samuel Lyneham Crocker
Alexander Graham Crockett
David Godwin Crockett
Kenneth Richard Crockett
Kevin Scott Crockett
Melanie Crockett
Caroline Jane Croft
Max Henry Crohn, Jr.
R. Samuel Cromartie III
Cherita Lane Cromer
John Albert Cromer III
George William Crone, Jr.
William Walter Crone
Linda R. Cronenwett
Molly Lynn Cronenwett
Charles Raymond Cronham, Jr.
Peggie Maynard Cronham
Laura Brown Cronin
Patrick Cronin
Michael Joseph Crook
Frederick Hailey Croom
Henrietta Brown Croom
Michael James Crosa
DeLisa Woodburn Crosby
Douglas Ray Crosby
Jerred Israel Crosby
Mary Holsenbeck Crosby
Phillip Crosby
Renae M. Crosby
Ronald Christopher Crosby, Jr.
Anne Penn Crosland
David Bailey Crosland, Jr.
Alan W. Cross *
Anthony Tyrone Cross
Betty Anita Cross
Charles Armstrong Cross
Elizabeth Goins Cross
John McDonald Cross, Jr.
Marion Johnson Cross
O. Roane Cross, Jr.
Oliver R. Cross
Pamela Cross +
Peter H. Cross
Rosemary Persaud Cross
William Cross
Marcia Gilbert Crosse
Eric Joseph Crossen
Stephanie Shelton Crossen
Eric Ramon Crosson
Katherine Elizabeth Crosson
Michael James Crosswell
Anastasia B. Crosswhite
Dean Harlow Crosswhite
Anne Lafferty Crotty
Edward John Crotty
John Francis Crotty
Mary Healy Crotty
Matthew David Crotty
Valerie Moos Crotty
Fred Pfohl Crouch II
Helen Maxine Crouch
Judith Baucom Crouch
Mark Eric Crouch
Phillip Francis Crouch, Sr.
Brooke Bynum Crouter
Jeremy Christopher R. Crouthamel
Alice Trotter Crow
Matthew Robert Crow
William Ernest Crow
Otis Crowder
T. Harold Crowder, Jr.
Timothy Morgan Crowder
Edward Walter Crowe
Eileen Natoli Crowe
Helen Brundage Crowell
James Sheffield Crowell
Laura Crowell
Michael Crowell
Scott Crowell
William Groce Crowell
Andres Xavier Crowley
David James Crowley
Christopher Gale Crowson
Elaine Suzanne Crowson
Richard Verne Crume
Avery Lowery Crump
Carolyn Elinor Crump
Theron Ritchie Crump
Algernon Darius Crumpler
Bradley Harold Crumpler
E. Stewart Crumpler
Elizabeth Anne Crumpler
Holly Dannegger Crumpler
Jane Dillon Crumpler
Janet Peele Crumpler
Kathryn Glenn Crumpler
Paul Edward Crumpler
Thomas Nelson Crumpler
Thomas Terrell Crumpler
Mary Simons Cruse
William Brown Cruse
Benjamin F. Crutchfield, Jr.
Jane Folger Crutchfield
Kathy Gore Crutchfield
Nancy Bosworth Crutchfield
Nancy Rankin Crutchfield
Suzette L. Cruz
Sheila Margaret Cryan
Amy R. Csorba
Carol Zies Cuatrecasas
Michael J. Cucchiara
Berryman T. Cudd, Jr.
Deen Willard Cude
Lynley Anne Cude
Jay Monroe Cudrin
Anne-Marie Cuellar
Nelida Alba Cuenca
Martha Scholz Cukor
R. Gregory Cukor
Chicita Culberson
Beverly Culbertson
James Addison Culbertson, Jr.
Peggy B. Culbertson
Robert D. Culbertson
J. Charles Culbreath
Alyson Corrin Culin
Denise Lynn Culin
Dennis Dean Culin
Cristin Babcock Cullander
Emily Dearman Cullen
Marc Cullen
Mary Kate Cullen
Matthew Hurd Cullen
Thomas Gerard Cullen
Caroline Benet Culler
William S. Culler
Kathy Gunter Culley
Scott Anthony Culley
Lirys Elene Cullinan
Elizabeth Anne Cullington
Jennifer Marie Cullip
Albert Franklin Culp
Catharine Wilson Culp
David Philip Culp
Harry Royer Culp
Leslie Stowe Culp
Robert George Culp IV
Stephen Andrew Culp
Barbara O'Connor Culpepper
Vernon Clay Culpepper, Sr.
Kendall Andrews Cumbee
Virginia Goudelock Cumbee
Stephen Mark Cumbie
Beth Turner Cumby
Amy Martin Cummings
Jeremy Ronald Cummings
Martha Isabel Cummings
Nancy Lee Cummings
R. Lee Cummings
Ralph Waldo Cummings, Jr.
Roger Cummings
Sandra Eileen Cummings
Simone Marie Cummings
Patricia Willett Cummins
Bill Cunningham
C. Decatur Cunningham, Jr.
Carolyn Volpe Cunningham
Charles Dixon Cunningham, Jr.
Christie Lauren Cunningham
Donald E. Cunningham
Emily Anderson Cunningham
Fred Alan Cunningham
Margot Hammond Cunningham
Michelle Hockman Cunningham
Paul Cunningham
Paul Cunningham
Polley Hale Cunningham
Reed Ligon Cunningham
Robert Ervin Cunningham, Jr.
Robert W. Cunningham
Sherri Cunningham
Susan Drye Cunningham
Gina Brinkley Cupstid
John Hilliard Cupstid, Sr.
Linda Curcio
Michael Joseph Curcio
Julie Elizabeth Curd
Denese Cure
Jennifer Cure
Katherine Marie Curfman
Anne Sink Curlett
Virginia S. Curling
John T. Curnes
Alice E. Curran
H. Allen Curran
Jane Wilson Curran
Laura Powers Curran
Joseph Scott Currence
M. Diane Currence
Elizabeth O. Current
William Ange Current, Sr.
William Ange Current, Jr.
Dale Allen Curriden
Carol McCormick Currie
John Duncan Currie, Jr.
John Withers Currie
Neill Alexander Currie II
Robert Austin Currie
Grey Tharrington Currin
Katherine Dennis Currin
Lee Godwin Currin
Robert Marsh Currin
Thomas Lee Currin
Grace Ann Kasper Curry
Jerry Stewart Curry
Kevin James Curry
Rachanee Anne Curry
Mary Susan Curtas
Alicia Curtin
Daniel John Curtin
Ellen Zwicker Curtin
Betty Biggers Curtis
Cecil Martin Curtis, Sr.
E. Elaine Curtis
Elisabeth O. Curtis
Gary J. Curtis
James Allen Curtis
Jeanmarie Eaves Curtis
Jeremee Price Curtis
John Wakeman Curtis
Jonathan Edward Curtis
Linda Neskaug Curtis
Michael Kent Curtis
Nelson George Curtis, Jr.
Patchin Crandall Curtis
Sian Curtis
Stephanie Curtis
Mary Margaret Cushman
Phoebe Anne Cushman
David Lawrence Cusic
John C. Custer
Julia Mason Custer
Lawrence McGilbra Cutchin
Layne Palmer Cuthbertson
Thomas Hampton Cuthbertson
William Reynolds Cuthbertson, Jr.
L. Glenn Cuthrell
Janet Ruth Cutler
Kathryn Lane Cutler
Lisa Pedersen Cutright
Gwyn Alison Cutsforth
Lois J. Cutter
James Eric Cutting
Carol Cole Czeczot
Rosemary Casey Czejkowski

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